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Shaping the future of public policy through research

Public policy research at the O’Neill School examines the decisions and actions taken by governments to address societal issues. It involves the analysis, development, implementation, and evaluation of policies aimed at solving problems that affect the public. Our scholars draw from various disciplines such as economics, political science, sociology, and law to study how policies are formulated, implemented, and the impact they have on society. The field provides valuable insights into how government policies can improve public welfare and promote social justice.

Faculty spotlight

Assistant Professor Christian Buerger

Life experiences drive research and teaching

Growing up in East Germany helped shape Assistant Professor Christian Buerger's life trajectory, both personally and professionally. His experiences led him to research school choice and public finance and eventually brought him to O’Neill.

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Featured research

Briana Dines

O’Neill student helps change communities through research

Working with Assistant Professor Peter Federman, O'Neill student Brianna Dines researched the impact of an Indianapolis initiative to connect residents to resources in nonemergency situations.

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Stock photo of police officer at high school football game.

New report evaluates IPS police on racial equity for students

As debates nationwide focused on police reform and issues of equity, a report from the IU Public Policy Institute examined equity in school policing within Indiana’s largest school district.

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