Policy Analysis

Earn an O'Neill MPA with a policy analysis concentration

The Policy Analysis concentration is a 21-credit-hour course of study within the Master of Public Affairs that prepares students to improve decision-making and address complex issues. The policy analysis student will be well versed in the nature of the policy process from the design to the evaluation stages and use that knowledge to produce solid analysis and apply it effectively.

Students will learn to use a skills-based approach to help organizations analyze and structure complex policy situations and then break them down to understandable components and critical features. The concentration is often more technical and quantitative than other concentrations, which prospective employers greatly value. But it’s not just about numbers. Students learn skills such as using mapping software, statistical software, and other ways to communicate data to inform policy choices and public affairs management practices.

Develop action-oriented plans in a field that you choose

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In addition to the analytical skills necessary to evaluate policies and programs, policy analysis students choose a sub-specialty and learn about the policies in a domain of their choosing. From public program management to criminal justice policy, SPEA students pick one of five distinct tracts and graduate with advanced understanding of how to have maximum policy impact in their field.

Required courses (21 credit hours)

Policy Analysis students will also take one 3-credit-hour elective to complete the degree requirements.

Solve problems at the crossroads of policy, management, and science.