Nonprofit Management

Earn an O'Neill MPA with a nonprofit management concentration

The Nonprofit Management concentration is a 15-credit-hour course of study within the Master of Public Affairs that prepares students with the ideas and technical skills needed to address the challenges and opportunities found in and surrounding nonprofit organizations.

The Nonprofit Management concentration leverages the expertise of O’Neill IUPUI’s faculty in combination with the vibrant nonprofit community in and around Indianapolis to provide students with applied learning experiences. Students will understand the roles nonprofit organizations play in society while learning about different management practices such as financial management or human resource management.

The critical role of nonprofit organizations

A nonprofit recruiter speaks with a SPEA student at a job fair.

There are about 1.8 million nonprofit organizations recognized by the IRS providing a wide range of services ranging from education and research, arts and culture, human services, and the environment.

The nonprofit sector contributes about 5% of annual GDP to the U.S. economy. Nonprofit organizations, thus, are major actors in the economy.

Required courses (15 credit hours)

Nonprofit Management students will also take three 3-credit-hour electives to complete the degree requirements.

Solve problems at the crossroads of policy, management, and science.