Environmental Policy & Sustainability

Greening the world, one policy at a time

O’Neill School Sustainability faculty research focuses on the interactions between human societies and the natural environment. Their research aims to develop policies and strategies that promote the sustainable use of natural resources, reduce environmental degradation, and mitigate climate change. They also engage natural sciences to address complex environmental issues and create sustainable solutions for the benefit of current and future generations.

Faculty spotlight

Understanding and influencing policies that impact quality of life

Professor Doug Noonan analyzes environmental, urban, and cultural policies and the impact they have on people, whether it’s how clean places are, where parks are located, how cities approach infrastructure, or even what influences an area’s cultural scene.

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Featured research

Private sector provides examples of how to LEED on climate change

In his new book, "Ecolabels, Innovation, and Green Market Transformation," Professor Doug Noonan explores the ways in which the private sector can help find complementary approaches to sound environmental policy.

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Crop disruption from war in Ukraine could increase global carbon emissions, food prices

New research from Associate Professor Jerome Dumortier shows how the disruption of crop production after the Russian invasion of Ukraine is expected to increase carbon emissions and food prices across the globe.

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