Major in Making a Difference

People probably ask you, ‘Why are you majoring in this? Why aren’t you in STEM?’ Well, what you’re doing is making the world, your communities, your cities, your counties, better places.

Indiana Supreme Court Chief Justice Loretta H. Rush

Prepare to lead organizations that:

A police officer speaks with SPEA students.

Make and enforce laws

Reduce, control, and prevent crime through police, courts, and correctional agencies. 

A SPEA student in the courtroom

Shape public policy

Develop future policies for any arena, from sustainable energy to health care to minimum wage laws.

SPEA students stand at a public safety carer fair booth.

Keep our nation safe

Protect vital U.S. interests, oversee our country’s physical and economic security, and guard against terrorist threats.

SPEA students work in a city garden.

Protect the planet

Improve and regulate air quality, water supply, waste management, energy, and natural resources.

A student looks at a National Guard rescue helicopter.

Reduce disaster impact

Help communities prepare for, respond to, and recover from emergencies, disasters, and major catastrophic events.

A SPEA student reaches for Ramen noodles as he helps stock a food bank.

Support fellow citizens

Feed families, provide shelter to the homeless, advise and support nonprofit organizations.

Social dreamers. Tangible skill sets.