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Be a Leader who Makes a Difference

The Nonprofit Management program at O’Neill at IUPUI delivers an interdisciplinary education that emphasizes professional practice. Hear how MPA graduate Angela Carr Klitzsch is using her degree to improve Marion County’s workforce as President and CEO of EmployIndy.  

Description of the video:

Brian Payne, President & CEO, Central Indiana Community Foundation: I think there's three elements that make a great not-for-profit organizational leader.

 One is you have to have great heart for the work.

You've got to have incredible passion for what you do.

And then the third thing is you have to be a great businessperson.

SPEA speaks to all three of those things. And graduates of SPEA in my experience come out understanding all those, how to mix them together, to make our not-for-profits better, which in turn makes our community better, and the quality of life for our citizens better.

Angie Carr Klitzsch, President and CEO, EmployIndy: My name is Angie Carr Klitzsch, I'm the President and CEO of EmployIndy. I received my MPA in Nonprofit Management from SPEA at IUPUI. 

I've always been interested in service learning and pursued an undergraduate degree that allowed me to experience opportunities to work with others and travel. 

After college I joined the Peace Corps, where I was a volunteer for two years. When I came back to the United States, I really wanted to live my passions but also understand how best to operationalize that within a business setting, within a public government setting, within an official institution like a nonprofit.

Brian Payne: Not-for-profits are facing a huge challenge in the next five or 10 years and that is getting the leadership talent that we need to still thrive and make our communities thrive.

There's a big generational shift going on, and we need all the great talent and leadership talent we can get. And SPEA is an amazing trainer and provider of that talent.

Angie Carr Klitzsch: After the Peace Corps, I looked for post-graduate opportunities where I could learn more about the tactics and how to leverage my skill set in an environment where businesses and government operate, and SPEA was great to empower me with those opportunities.

One of the best things about SPEA is really the practitioner knowledge that I gained while I was in school there. While I was studying and had the academic theory, I was able to apply it on a daily basis working with community-based organizations.

Brian Payne: We see ourselves playing a larger role in how to help connect people to jobs and jobs to the community and the opportunity now to partner with Angie is going to be incredible. We couldn't be more excited.

Angie Carr Klitzsch: SPEA helped prepare me for my job at EmployIndy by teaching me financial management skills, leadership skills, and tactical approaches to handling solutions.

Brian Payne: So much of a city and region's success in the 21st Century is going to be about making great public policy decisions in public and environmental affairs.

And the other part of it is going to be having great leadership who can lead from that framework and that perspective.

And anyone who wants to have a major career of leadership and thought leadership in this area definitely should look very hard at making SPEA their choice.

Angie Carr Klitzsch: I choose SPEA because I want to be a leader who makes a difference in the community.