Redefining diversity at IUPUI

We live in a diverse society. As future leaders, our students are committed to conversation and collaboration with people from diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

As a school, we encourage education and awareness about how others think, live, and express themselves. We recognize the many dimensions of diversity, and our continued support of underserved students reflects our commitment to understanding the diverse needs of our students and the community.

The O’Neill School is committed to developing students who are well-educated, innovative, and engaged citizens and leaders who embrace diversity on all levels.

Our commitment

  • Promote a culture and climate that is inclusive and welcoming to all members of the O’Neill IUPUI community
  • Recruit, retain, and support students, staff, and faculty from diverse backgrounds
  • Promote and cultivate research, instruction, and curriculum that reflects the O’Neill School’s commitment to diversity
  • Develop and strengthen existing relationships with diverse and underserved communities
  • Develop the O’Neill School’s capacity to participate in and facilitate dialogue on issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion with Intergroup Dialogue

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